Saturday, July 1, 2017

What is Up with This??

Ok, so I am getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of decent, comfortable maternity clothing!!!!  I have been looking for some over-the-belly workout shorts and so far have only found 2...2!!!!  One was at Old Navy, but they sold out of my size before I could order.  The other one was from For Two Fitness, and that one, too, was sold out!  They don't make very cute/comfortable workout tanks without them being $50. 

My husband and I are doing a Tough Mudder course this September, and you cannot wear cotton.  Cotton gets very heavy and stretches when wet, and you don't need any more weight dragging you down while on the course. I'm talking...not even cotton panties, lol.  So, to find dri-fit tanks, bottoms that fit a pregnant body, that are maternity...seems pretty impossible. 

It looks like I'll have to find bigger, looser normal clothes to use.  I already found a size 18 pair of shorts at Goodwill for $2.  It had inner, compression layer, then loose outer layer.  The outer short was way to baggy for my liking, so I cut it off, and now they are pretty perfect!  The size 18 band lays comfortably under my baby bump.  I am normally a 12. 

I think maternity companies honestly think women who  are pregnant don't exercise...or if they do, it's yoga or Pilates.   Those of us who do weight training, running, other exercises are left to scrounge around to make our own, or wear normal gear that can dig in under the belly.  Ugh!

Anyway...I just am very frustrated and needed to vent!!