Friday, August 11, 2017

Computer Troubles

Hey!  So I havent' been posting because our main desk computer is acting up.  It's hard to get it started, and then getting onto the internet is hit or miss.  I am SO sorry about that! 

I did create a Facebook page, where I post regularily from my phone.  Here is the link:  Fit Mama Musings

I am also on Instagram @fitmamamusings.

I will try to post here as often as I can!! 

Now, on to some happy news...

We found out last week that our newest baby is a GIRL!!!  So now we have 4 boys and 3 girls (and 1 in heaven.)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What is Up with This??

Ok, so I am getting increasingly annoyed with the lack of decent, comfortable maternity clothing!!!!  I have been looking for some over-the-belly workout shorts and so far have only found 2...2!!!!  One was at Old Navy, but they sold out of my size before I could order.  The other one was from For Two Fitness, and that one, too, was sold out!  They don't make very cute/comfortable workout tanks without them being $50. 

My husband and I are doing a Tough Mudder course this September, and you cannot wear cotton.  Cotton gets very heavy and stretches when wet, and you don't need any more weight dragging you down while on the course. I'm talking...not even cotton panties, lol.  So, to find dri-fit tanks, bottoms that fit a pregnant body, that are maternity...seems pretty impossible. 

It looks like I'll have to find bigger, looser normal clothes to use.  I already found a size 18 pair of shorts at Goodwill for $2.  It had inner, compression layer, then loose outer layer.  The outer short was way to baggy for my liking, so I cut it off, and now they are pretty perfect!  The size 18 band lays comfortably under my baby bump.  I am normally a 12. 

I think maternity companies honestly think women who  are pregnant don't exercise...or if they do, it's yoga or Pilates.   Those of us who do weight training, running, other exercises are left to scrounge around to make our own, or wear normal gear that can dig in under the belly.  Ugh!

Anyway...I just am very frustrated and needed to vent!!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

I haven't always loved to workout.  When I got married at 17, I was slim, but flabby.  I had no tone, no muscles, I just happened to be thin (think, 125lbs.).  Cue my first baby.  I didn't eat very well, and gained 50 lbs. (I had gained another 5lbs. after the wedding so final weight at the end of the pregnancy was 180.)  With my 2nd-5th pregnancies, I started at 178, and after giving birth, went back to 178.  Pregnancy #6 I started at 185 and ended at 192...only gaining 7lbs!! After my daughter was born, I actively worked out, and got down to 162 at my lowest! My 7th pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks, so I don't really have numbers for that one.  I'm starting this pregnancy at 172. 

What does that have to do with getting out of your comfort zone?  I'll tell you...

I started working out because my friend, "D" encouraged me to try a live Zumba class at our local Y.  I felt so stupid and awkward,  and it was SUPER HARD!!  But I loved it!  I kept going back.  I got pregnant with #5, and stopped.  Went back after he was born, and she encouraged me to try something called, PiYo (a fusion of Piliates and Yoga. I went to my first class, and thought D was insane for doing it.  It was so hard, and I was miserable.  But, I went again, and again, and at the end of faithfully doing PiYo for a month, I had lost 7in. all over my body!!  I was sold.  I really love PiYo, and even bought the DVDs to do at home!  Then, D told be about the new class she had tried, called R.I.P.P.E.D.  (Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, & Diet.)  I did my first class, and thought there was no way I would be able to do this long term.  But, here I am...almost 2 years later, going to classes at least once a week!! 

My point?

Stepping out of your comfort zone gets you results.  I went from never exercising, to going to the Y at least once a week, and doing home workouts. I do a range of different styles, and have even started weight training!!  And I love it all!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I'm Back!!

Hey!!  So I had some intense morning sickness for about 3 weeks, so I wasn't working out.  This poor blog got neglected!!  I did workout last week, and this week I did one on Tuesday, and am planning one again today at the Y.

I've also started doing a Ketogenic diet.  It's a low carb diet, but since I'm pregnant I am incorporating healthy carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, sprouted bread, and oatmeal.  I am feeling great so far! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's GLOW Time!

This past Friday, our local YMCA had a GLOW fitness bash.  It was a battle of the instructors, and there were about 10 ladies from 4 different fitness classes;  Zumba, PiYo, Sidekick Cardio Kickboxing, & RIPPED.  I had SO much fun!!  There were blacklights, and glowsticks, and everyone wore white or neon.  I don't really like Kickboxing classes, so the 15 minutes I had to do that was hard.  And one of the Zumba instructors is SUPER in, a high-pitched voice that she screams cues with.  My ears physically hurt!!  She also goes way above and beyond with her, if you're doing jump ropes...she kicks like 5ft in the air. I just cannot do her classes. are a few pictures from the event!!

The Instructors!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Making Time for Exercising

So many people ask me, "How do you have time to workout with homeschooling your oldest 3, watching 3 little ones, and being pregnant?"

My answer to them is, "I make the time."

It's that simple.  Exercise is important to my husband and I, so we make time in our day to do it.  My normal workout time is 9pm.  I get a second boost of energy at that time, and it's after all my kids are in bed. We have a "weight room" set up in the back room of our basement.  It has a barbell bench, kettlebells, and dumbbells.  I also use workout DVDs like PiYo and R.I.P.P.E.D.   On Monday and Thursday nights, I go to my local YMCA for group fitness classes.  They are Zumba, PiYo, and RIPPED. Occasionally, there is a special Friday night or Saturday morning class.  I also enjoy the Kettlebell AMPD class they offer.  I checked out their weight room, and am eager to try out some of the machines soon! 

During the warmer weather (I live in Wisconsin) I thoroughly enjoy jogging on our picturesque country roads.  Fall is my favorite time, as all of the trees turn beautiful colors!  My hubby nicely keeps an eye on our kids so I can go on my runs, and he enjoys jogging as well.  We annually do a Tough Mudder course together in the fall, so we train the rest of the year for it.  Upping our miles, working on our upper body strength, etc.  This year, since I am pregnant...I will probably just jog the whole course...while maybe doing the super tame obstacles.  

*Daily Workout Log:

Today I'll be going to the Y for my RIPPED classes!!  My friend is an instructor, so it's super fun...especially doing the kickboxing section.  I get to air punch her, haha!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Favorite Company for Supplements

I use a few supplements for my workouts.  My favorite company is IdealFit.  This company makes supplements specifically for women.  Their products taste AMAZING and are nicely priced.

Products include:

Protein Powders:  chocolate brownie, French vanilla, caramel mocha, peaches 'N cream, strawberries 'n cream, cake batter, mint chocolate, pina colada, & chocolate coconut

Pre-Workout:  blue raspberry, watermelon ice, pineapple mango,  cherry limeade, stim-free blackberry burst, stim-free pink lemonade, & stim-free passion fruit

BCAAs:  strawberry kiwi, orange paradise, grape explosion, green apple, iced mocha latte, blueberry pomegranate, & raspberry lemonade

Protein Bars:  chocolate chunk, mint chocolate

Meal Replacement Shakes:  Chocolate & Vanilla

Supplements:  L-carnitine, glucosamine, CLA, nighttime probiotic, burner, vitamin d3

Electrolytes:  lemon

Oatmeal:  blueberries 'n cream, & peaches 'n cream

They also have shaker bottles, tanks, tees, sports bras, and sunglasses.  The products are created and tested by female fitness trainers.  The company also has fitness challenges you can do with meal plans and workouts all laid out for you.  It really is a great company!! 

If you'd like 10% off of your fist order with IdealFit, you can use my code:  LAURA-RNO!!

*This is not a paid post, I have no affiliation with IdealFit.  I am just a customer in love with their products.