Thursday, April 27, 2017

Making Time for Exercising

So many people ask me, "How do you have time to workout with homeschooling your oldest 3, watching 3 little ones, and being pregnant?"

My answer to them is, "I make the time."

It's that simple.  Exercise is important to my husband and I, so we make time in our day to do it.  My normal workout time is 9pm.  I get a second boost of energy at that time, and it's after all my kids are in bed. We have a "weight room" set up in the back room of our basement.  It has a barbell bench, kettlebells, and dumbbells.  I also use workout DVDs like PiYo and R.I.P.P.E.D.   On Monday and Thursday nights, I go to my local YMCA for group fitness classes.  They are Zumba, PiYo, and RIPPED. Occasionally, there is a special Friday night or Saturday morning class.  I also enjoy the Kettlebell AMPD class they offer.  I checked out their weight room, and am eager to try out some of the machines soon! 

During the warmer weather (I live in Wisconsin) I thoroughly enjoy jogging on our picturesque country roads.  Fall is my favorite time, as all of the trees turn beautiful colors!  My hubby nicely keeps an eye on our kids so I can go on my runs, and he enjoys jogging as well.  We annually do a Tough Mudder course together in the fall, so we train the rest of the year for it.  Upping our miles, working on our upper body strength, etc.  This year, since I am pregnant...I will probably just jog the whole course...while maybe doing the super tame obstacles.  

*Daily Workout Log:

Today I'll be going to the Y for my RIPPED classes!!  My friend is an instructor, so it's super fun...especially doing the kickboxing section.  I get to air punch her, haha!!

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